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Samsung Passes Apple for No.1 Spot in Smartphone Sales

Apple might have sold four million iPhone 4Ses in the first weekend of availability while suing Samsung in courts around the world, but Samsung isn't letting Cupertino's success get in the way of its plans for smartphone domination. Reuters today reports that Samsung has surpassed Apple in smartphone sales to become the world's number one smartphone manufacturer.

Samsung saw a huge increase in smartphone shipments this past quarter, reporting a 44 percent jump in smartphone shipments for the period of July-September. Reuters cites research firm Strategy Analytics in reports that Samsung's smartphone shipments rang in at 27.8 million in Q3, nearly four times what they were a year ago, while Apple's iPhone sales shrank by 16 percent, hitting 17.1 million units, in Q3. Samsung's share of the smartphone market in the third quarter was 23.8 percent, a full nine points higher than Apple's. It's likely Apple experienced a drop-off in iPhone sales after June because customers were expecting a new iPhone and awaiting the October launch of the iPhone 4S before buying, while Samsung's having a number of strong smartphones across several carriers helped shift the units.

Speaking to analysts, Samsung's head of investor relations, Robert Yi, said that he is cautiously optimistic about Q4 when industry demand 'is traditionally at its peak.' Yi said that Samsung expects sales of mobile devices to remain strong and shipments of flat-panel TVs to increase.

*Image via Engadget