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Hate Your Data Plan? Russian Rewarded for 419GB DL in 1 Wk

Most networks actively discourage abusing your unlimited data plan. In fact, these days, it's pretty difficult to find a plan that doesn't have some kind of restriction on it. However, in Russia, things are a little different. The Next Web reports that one of Russia's biggest wireless providers recently held a contest in which participants were encouraged to use as much data as possible. I know.

The Next Web cites Russian site C News in reporting that customers of Russian network MegaFon who purchased a 3G modem between November 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012 were asked to download as much data as they could during that period. At stake was a prize from travel agency Neva, which was offering a $5000 vacation for the person who used the most data. Pretty unbelievable when you consider the plans we in the U.S. or Europe are offered.

The whole point of the contest was to show MegaFon's ability to delivery truly unlimited data to customers that really were giving the network a run for its money. MegaFon apparently covers 80 percent of north-western Russia with its 3G services. In case you're curious, the winner of the contest downloaded a massive 419GB of data in one week.

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