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After RIAA, Verizon Now Sending MPAA Notices

Last week Verizon Communications began forwarding copyright notices to music pirates, originally generated by the Recording Industry Association of America. As with noticies previously sent through AT&T and Cox Communications, they inform the accused that the activity is illegal, and that the files must be deleted immediately.

Now Verizon is forwarding similar notices from the Motion Picture Association of America and NBC Universal. According to CNET, the film studios and copyright owners were not revealed, and Verizon refused to issue a statement regarding the notices. However, NBC Universal had no problem making its involvement known.

"We are happy to be working with the ISP community to raise awareness about inappropriate online activity," the company said. "The notice from NBCU that accompanies the ISP's letter includes a link through which consumers can learn about legitimate content online, and provides a number to call if consumers feel they have been contacted in error. We note, however, that virtually no users have contested the accuracy of the notices."

CNET theorizes that broadband companies are now jumping on the anti-piracy bandwagon in order to get in good graces with the television and movie industry. This love affair may ultimately give ISPs access to premium TV shows and feature films. Of course, broadband providers also want to stop piracy because the hefty downloads are clogging the pipes.

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