Samsung Shows Tablet with Slide-Out Keyboard

A new rumor concerning Samsung's next tablet is starting to make the rounds, indicating that the company may launch a new 10-inch tablet in March or April. But unlike it's current 7-inch Android-based Galaxy Tab, the new device will sport Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system.

Currently dubbed as the Samsung "Gloria" (please say it isn't so), the rumored tablet will feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in addition to the touchscreen capabilities. If true, the added keyboard might make the tablet somewhat bulky and heavy-- Samsung may be better off supporting a USB-keyboard if it wants to go that route. Nevertheless, Samsung Slider may be a more appropriate name if the company sticks with the attached QWERTY keyboard design.

As reported by Lilputing, the rumor didn't come with additional news on specs or pricing, however the device will supposedly ship with a custom UI designed by Samsung. Still, at this point, take everything with a grain of salt for now until someone spills classified images, offers a hands-on video, or Samsung simply gives in and reveals all at CES 2011 next month.

This past weekend Samsung announced that it had sold 1 million Galaxy Tab units since its launch back in mid-October. Right before Thanksgiving, Samsung said only around 600,000 units had been sold. If that's the case, Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have played a vital role in boosting the current number of units sold worldwide up to the admirable million mark.

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  • mman74
    Price? It will be cool to to have Windows 7 but it must boot fast and be affordable. I have a destop, notebook and netbook. For me tablets should be cheap and boot fast.
    The inclusion of the keboard is a nice touch, but would add to the overall thickness of the device. At 10" if it is not a full tactile keybaord you masy as well use the touchscreen.
  • fjjb
    It seems good as long as windows 7 is optimized for this!!
  • house70
    I hope it won't be called Gloria... reminds me of the iPad blunder.
    Whatever it's called, though, sounds like an interesting machine.
  • miloo
    seems like all toms news are from engadget ?~
  • hiruu
    It's get one, if and only if, it has the following...USB port, Wireless, 3G option, Flash Option, and prices competitive to the IPAD, because the galaxy is priced WAY too high!
  • ricardok
    If it handles OnLive than I'm in.. BUT!! It has to come with HDMI out and sport a full USB so I can plugin my wireless keyboard/mouse. :) If it's around $600 and can do HD Videos than, please, santa, get me one!
  • abhijeet1982
    typical samsung, now the galaxy tab owners will swet as they may or may not get updates for gingerbread or honeycomb, i like apple atleast for this thinking they dont leave the older product and provide updates(whether it is slow or not ) but they support atleast.
  • vectorm12
    Now there's a tablet I feel I could at least be slightly productive with. Although I still doubt I'd choose to use any tablet over my laptop/desktop for anything other than light browsing...
  • dark_lord69
    Finally a tablet with a keyboard! Now we're talkin'!
    Now just make it dual core with at least 2GB of RAM and a lower price and I'm in!