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Psystar Says Apple EULA is BS

The drama with Psystar and Apple continues in that annoying he-said-she-said sort of way. InformationWeek reports that, according to court papers, Psystar is claiming Apple never filed for copyright for OS X with the U.S. Copyright Office and so, has no grounds for a copyright infringement suit.

News of Apple’s suit against Psystar emerged back in mid-July, several months after the computer manufacturer started shipping its Mac clones. Apple was reportedly suing the company over a violation of the Leopard End User Licensing Agreement, which states the software must be installed on an Apple branded machine. If Psystar’s claim turns out to be true it could spell big trouble for Apple’s attempt to sue the smaller company.

A federal judge last month threw out Psystar’s countersuit against Apple, which saw the company claim Apple’s EULA violates antitrust laws. Psystar filed the suit in August, however Apple remained fairly quiet about the situation until October when it emerged that the Cupertino company had gone to a federal judge and requested the dismissal of the countersuit, claiming the monopoly allegations made by Psystar were “deeply flawed.”

Earlier this month Psystar ditched the antitrust angle for copyright abuse and we guess this is what the company was talking about. We’ll keep you posted on any developments in this case.

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