PS Vita CPU Manufactured by Samsung; RAM Not Cut

Andriasang reports that Samsung will provide the CPU for Sony's upcoming handheld gaming platform, the PlayStation Vita. The news first appeared in the electronics industry newspaper The Semiconductor Industry News and reports that the CPU will be manufactured using the 45-nm process.

Previous reports indicated that Sony decided to cut the RAM in half, from 512 MB to 256 MB, in order to reduce the device's overall price tag. But an unnamed source at Sony Japan claims that isn't true, that there has been no reduction in the system's memory. That said, there's no official word on what the final capacity will be, whether it's 512 MB or 256 MB. After all, Sony hasn't officially made the amount known.

“Do not believe everything you read on the Internet," said Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida when asked if the memory had been halved.

Friday EA Play boss Jeff Karp told MCV that the PlayStation Vita faces some very serious challenges in a market currently dominated by Apple and Google. "I think it looks like a great device,” he said. “But the real challenge for all game handhelds is how they stack up against mobile and tablets. After all, how many devices do people want to carry?"

“We are a platform agnostic business and we want them all to succeed, but it will be challenge for handhelds," he added. "Just look at how smartphones and tablets continue to grow and emerge.”

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli mentioned something similar a few weeks ago, saying that the PlayStation Vita is "an absolutely fantastic platform" but will have a hard time. "And it might be too late," he told Develop. "I love Sony as a company, and we have great relations with them, but the Vita is going to have a hard time against the next generation mobiles and all the tablets."

"There's also the 3DS investing in this market," he continued. "It's going to be a battle, and it will be about content and the platform's ability to receive the content. Streamlined social connectivity will also be very important."

David Cole of DFC Intelligence thinks the PlayStation Vita is one of the reasons why Nintendo chose to cut $80 off the price tag of its 3DS handheld gaming console.

"They are really being aggressive," he admitted. "It is very unlike Nintendo to be willing to take such a loss. I think what it says is that they really feel the heat from the Sony Vita. I see it as a move to protect their market share and position in handhelds. I would not call it desperation but more a very aggressive defensive action by the market leader to hold on to market position."

RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian also added that "Sony is going up against a very aggressive leader in Nintendo." Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research believes Sony may need to reconsider its Vita pricing. "When Sony announced PS Vita pricing at $249.99, 3DS price had to come down. PS Vita pricing feels compatible with value now, but unless the economy improves more rapidly, a price cut should come sooner rather than later," he said.

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  • techseven
    But does it play cr.... No! I wont say it, or should I?

    But its Sony, it plays games.... what games? Is this a brand new platform?
  • techseven
    Oh I got it, a PSP on steriods, 4 cores and some whistles and bells, backward compatible with PSP, sound interesting - I hope it catches on...
  • Jprobes
    The longevity of the PSVita will hinge the idea that interfacing with a game device takes more then just a touch screen.

    I do own a Ipad2 and an Iphone 4 and for the most part they are entertaining devices. Gaming on them though is something completely different. I do agree that it is easier to play a game on a Ipad then a I phone, but that is solely due to the increased size of the screen.

    Having input controls like a D-pad or Analog stick and dedicated buttons to push for specific functions instead of relying one hand movement speed or gyro based controls is paramount to the long term success and industry based game development one would expect with a handheld game console.

    Those things are just non existent on most touch screen phones and it limits the content which can be developed for them also. There will always be exception to the rules like Angry Birds, but physics based games like that are not what drives the market for handhelds.

    I would love a PSVita version of SF4 or MvC3 including support for legacy titles and even emulation. Some of the funnest games ever were 8/16 bit SNES/NES/GEN titles that while are easy to access with emulators on smartphones, they lack a certain finesse when it comes to the execution of controls.

    Until smart phones include these as standards, they will never truly replace a handheld gaming device.
  • cmartin011
    what cheap skates! should have a gig like smart phones at least, isn't that what smart phones are up to these days?
    ok rant over don't care really
  • dimar
    RAM is cheap. Why not put some 4GB DDR3, so PS Pita can last longer?
  • eklipz330
    dimarRAM is cheap. Why not put some 4GB DDR3, so PS Pita can last longer?the cavalry has arrived!!!

    but seriously dude? lmfao.

    looks like a solid machine for a solid pricetag. the 3ds pricedrop may have swayed me into getting that in the near future, but it hasn't turned me away from the vita... i just can't wait for it!!!
  • eklipz330
    i do think at least 1gb should be sufficient, considering how large of a resolution it's going to be carrying
  • eklipz330
    ERRR nvmmm...
  • alidan
    eklipz330the cavalry has arrived!!!but seriously dude? lmfao.looks like a solid machine for a solid pricetag. the 3ds pricedrop may have swayed me into getting that in the near future, but it hasn't turned me away from the vita... i just can't wait for it!!!
    lol that thing can cost 50$, until GAMES PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY and not shovel ware tech demos are put out on it, i wont pick it up.

    and i require 5 games, they got zelda, and canceled one of the other games i was looking forward to... come on damnit, nintendo, the system doesn't cost to much, we WILL buy it but damnit you NEED GAMES.

    eklipz330i do think at least 1gb should be sufficient, considering how large of a resolution it's going to be carrying
    960 × 544 is its resolution, i believe
    1080p is 1920x1080
    720p is 1280x720

    dont get me wrong, on a 5 inch screen sub hd resolutions don't matter a whole hell of allot, but get the fact straight.
  • i think its : if nintendo or sony make a portable gaming with phone capability (not a phone with gaming capability) it would be good idea, as a teacher i found many of my student (elementary, middle n high school) own a smart phone just for sms, phone, n social networking like twitter, facebook, n show off. so their parents just need to buy them one hand held.

    PSP n 3ds have a capability of a smartphone with game differentiation. 3DS wifi n 3DS 3G (phone capability) with $ 200-250 price tag would be good, i dont mind own one.

    sory for my poor english : its my 3rd language.