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Images of Strange New PS3 Model Leak

Two weeks ago, we reported that Sony FCC filings indicated the possibility of a PS3 "Super Slim" model.

Images have recently surfaced on Anatel, the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, of a strange looking PS3 along with documents referencing models CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B, and CECH-4011C. These model numbers, according to Brazilian tech site tecnoblog, are a reference to 160, 250, and 500 GB storage models for the new Super Slims.

This new data corresponds with the FCC filings revealed last week, which make reference to the CECH-4000x series.

Unfortunately, the data cannot be directly accessed. However, tecnoblog has managed to snap up the different images of the new line of PS3s, some of which can be seen below: