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Maestro Player Offers Interactive Music Experience

Designed by Atabey Gunec, this interesting music player concept allows users to create their own music or manipulate existing tracks to add their own individual twist. Dubbed the Maestro Music Player, this device utilizes gyroscopic sensors that allow users to create and arrange music by playfully swinging this device around. Horizontal motions will create different tones from pre-selected instruments such as the guitar or piano while vertical motions will control special effects such as distortion or pitch.

Using the included smartphone app, users will be able to edit and view their Maestro-created music samples. Another feature of Gunec's concept is the karaoke mode which allows users to sing and add their own style to existing songs. The Maestro Music Player will utilize a rechargeable battery and wireless technology, making the device quite portable.

Although we aren't too excited by the thought of swinging a Wiimote-like device around to create music and make fools of ourselves, Maestro does offer an intriguing new way to explore music. Check out the video below to see the device in action, although be warned you will never get those 4 minutes of your life back.