Shadowgun: Deadzone Finally Comes to PC

On Tuesday, Madfinger Games launched the PC version of its popular multiplayer title, Shadowgun: Deadzone. The game originally launched on Google Play and Apple's App Store, and has been downloaded almost 7 million times. Now it's also being offered as a 183 MB PC download, a Facebook app, and later as a standalone title for Mac gamers.

The good news is that fans can use the same Shadowgun: DeadZone account across all platforms. That means when Mac and PC gamers need to stretch their legs, they can continue on using a compatible Android or iOS device on the living room couch. Fans will have the same ranks, money, purchased items and more no matter what device they use.

"[Shadowgun: DeadZone] has received much critical acclaim from mobile gaming editors," the company said. "In addition to these recognitions, Shadowgun: DeadZone has been awarded with the Google: Best of 2012 title as well as Game of The Year 2012 by, and was listed as a runner-up in Best App Ever where it was recognized in the areas of Most Innovative Game and Best Game Graphic."

For the uninitiated, the original Shadowgun was launched in late 2011 and deemed as one of the first mobile "console quality" titles for its outstanding graphics and gameplay. It featured a third-person perspective and a single-player campaign stretching across six hours of gameplay, and no multiplayer.

An expansion called The Leftover was launched in December 2011, adding four new levels that took place after the conclusion of the original Shadowgun. The multiplayer component wasn't addressed until the release of Shadowgun: Deadzone in October 2012. It uses the same Unity engine and graphics as the prior two installments.

"We definitely don't want to compete with AAA titles on PC, we are just looking for other ways to open up the multiplayer action to new players, especially those who don't have an Android or iOS device," said Madfinger Games CEO Marek Rabas. "We hope that current mobile players will appreciate the fact that there are more ways in which they can enjoy their favorite mobile game."

To play via Facebook, head here. The downloadable PC version can be acquired here. The game is free-to-play, and depends on in-game purchases of weapons, armor and whatnot to generate revenue.

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