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Apple Wins Limited Injunction Against Motorola In Germany

Two weeks after Motorola won an injunction against Apple's iCloud in a German court, Apple has been granted the customary return pitch, winning their own injunction this week against several Motorola smartphones. The injunction concerns a rather esoteric conflict over touchscreen unlocking systems used in several Motorola devices. The catch is that Motorola has already adopted a touchscreen unlock that will feature in future devices, which means Apple's victory, at least for now, is largely symbolic.

The injunction happens just as Google's purchase of Motorola has been approved in Europe, a deal first announced back in December. Google's purchase of Motorola suggests that the dispute with Apple will continue to be resolved in the court system. Unlike Microsoft, which recently announced a new policy regarding patents that emphasizes negotiation and promises not to sue or seek injunctions against companies as a means of resolving patent disputes, Google has reserved the right seek injunctions. The lawsuit Motorola filed against Apple in January, alleging that Apple's iPhone 4S infringes on Motorola patents in at least 6 different ways, will continue apace.

Apple has been engaging in numerous fights with competitors, most notably Samsung. Their dispute went hot last summer, and has involved courts in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. Like Motorola, Samsung has also evaded injunctions by implementing hardware and interface changes to their devices.