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The Ultimate Guitar for Star Wars Geeks

The rhythm game Guitar Hero once brought nerds and metalheads together as one, raising horns to a geeky combination of video games and rock music. Now thanks to Travis Stevens, these two disparate groups can once again join forces, although this time headbangers will be jamming with the Star Wars geeks.

The Millennium Falcon Guitar is Stevens' very metal tribute to George Lucas' moneymaking franchise. The body's a vintage Millennium Falcon toy with a maple block lodged inside for structural support. The Warwick guitar neck ends with a peghead painted with hyperspace motion lines, giving the miniature Millennium Falcon truss rod the illusion of entering light speed.

It's only got one humbucker, but Stevens did add a splitter to give the guitar more tonal options. It also has LEDs for headlights and the hyperdrive, which add an atmospheric touch when you're chugging the Imperial March riff.

The best part is, Stevens has plans to sell this awesome axe. He hasn't mentioned any dollar value yet, but I'm pretty sure he understands that price is no object for a musically-inclined, card-carrying member of the Rebel Alliance.

[source: Urlesque via Top Cultured]