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Windows 8 Users Receiving How-to Emails From Microsoft

Consumers who set up a Windows 8-powered tablet or PC using a Microsoft account will receive two e-mails with tips and tricks on using the just-launched operating system.

The first e-mail, entitled "Getting Started with Windows," offers advice on utilizing the OS' revamped Start screen through a brief description of Live Tiles.

Elsewhere, another section explains the different charms situated in the Charms bar. Two other sections tells users how to switch between or view several Windows 8 applications.

Each section displays a "Learn more" or "Discover more" link where users can find more details on the operating system, accompanied by a how-to video relating to a given feature on Microsoft's website.

The second e-mail, meanwhile, is dubbed "Personalize your Windows". It shows users how to customize their Start screen, download new apps from the Windows store, work with built-in apps and create a picture password.

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