Mass Effect Movie Will Have a New Storyline

During this year's San Diego Comic-Con convention in July, Legendary Pictures revealed that a full-blown, live-action Mass Effect movie was in the works. The studio asked for fans to tweet questions which a pre-production film panel would answer. The questions were never addressed, the convention ended, and fans didn't receive any feedback from the submittals. The company supposedly forgot to tell anyone that the answers went live on August 2, so the details are just now making their way through the news channels.

According to the studio, the Mass Effect movie will feature a completely new story that focuses on the male version of Commander Shepard. The studio added that it's working closely with BioWare, backing up a previous comment made by the film's screenwriter, Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend), who said his script would be "following and honoring the story."

Right now there's no indication that Legendary will go beyond this movie installment, claiming that the team is really focused on making this a great movie. "So we'll see where it takes us," the studio said, deflating any possible rumors of a film-based trilogy. "We have to get the first one right to know whether there will be more."

Other reports state that Seth Green, the actor who voiced the ship pilot Joker, will not by repeating his role in the upcoming movie. There's also some question about the overall plot given that Shepard's story begins with Mass Effect and ends with Mass Effect 3. Will this be an alternate timeline, or a story that resides within the game trilogy? Based on Legendary's response, the film may ignore everything that's happened in the three games.

Other reports state that Legendary has hired on Daft Punk to provide the film's soundtrack. Daft Punk previously worked on TRON: Legacy.

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  • techseven
    I will see it on day 1 when it hits the cinemas...
  • TheWhiteRose000
    I wanna see a Bioshock Movie.
  • Just don't let Uwe Boll anywhere near it and it should be ok.
  • AbdullahG
    TheWhiteRose000I wanna see a Bioshock Movie.As much as I do, there is a reason why producers chose not to do so. They found the contents in Bioshock too gruesome and gory. Still, there's something called Rated-R.
  • cognoscentiable
    Taking bets on the actor who play's Shepard.... even though we all know it will be Sam Worthington.
  • Genny
    Never played ME--will go see movie for Daft Punk. :)
  • ZEPd3Z
    totally ignoring the games story and no joker? its a prequel to the game right???
  • mrmike_49
    zepd3ztotally ignoring the games story and no joker? its a prequel to the game right???
    Nah, it's just a rip-off from the game, no relation to story in games?!?!?!?! No movie in my opinion
  • Kelavarus
    Honestly I think they SHOULD ignore the story from the games. Going through multiple media outlets should not be a way to tell the same story, but rather, expand upon the universe as a whole.

    I'd find it more interesting if it wasn't about Shepard. Also, it becomes more convoluted seeing as Shepard in the game was a customizable figure, despite the default look. And then, when you HAVE a default look, for any character, and voices, you run into the trouble where fans are unsettled because that's not what they saw in the game.

    So instead, in my opinion, they'd have better luck working together with the writers of the game to tell a new story somewhere else in the universe, maybe a different time as well.

    That's just me though.
  • seboj
    zepd3ztotally ignoring the games story and no joker?
    Ugh. We've been down this road before.. it was called Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.