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Skyrim Mandolin Unleashes Your Inner Dovahkiin Rocker

Item collectors and completionists spend days if not weeks scouring every corner of every video game to acquire everything the game has to offer. But even the most ambitiously addicted of the Dragonborn would not be able to find this one of a kind Dragon Mandolin. Designed based on the icon of the game, Tony Templeton has created a custom body that can be used for guitars also.

While stock was limited enough to drive the price tag of each custom piece up to $695 plus shipping, the custom work is unique to his design and unfortunately has already been sold out until more can be made (if any more are to be made at all for the Etsy store owner). The only unfortunate thing we can see about it is that there aren’t any samples of someone shredding (or serenading) with one of these things, so sound quality may still be with the jury.


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