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M2 Promises Versatile and Durable Monitor Action

Here's another reason to shell out for VESA mounts: while swivel monitor arms aren't exactly new, the M2 Articulating Monitor Arm from Humanscale claims to have the durability and recyclability that other arms apparently don't have. We'd imagine that other metalic arms are just as recyclable.

Even without these advertised benefits however, the M2 features a clean metallic design. There's also enough room in the arm to tuck the monitor cable out-of-sight. Humanscale also insists that the M2 is more reliable, since it uses a mechanical spring instead of the gas tube used by many other monitor arms.

The M2 can support up to 20 pounds of weight, so only gargantuan displays will challenge the structural integrity of this monitor stand. Another figure to contend with is price: the basic single-bolt model costs $295.

M2 Articulating Monitor Arm (starting at $295)