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LG to Make Official ''Nexus'' Tablet for Google

Rumor has it LG is set to join the Nexus family with a tablet offering that it's designing specially for Google. The tablet would presumably benefit from the same 'all-Google' experience as the Nexus One and the Nexus S, which both feature completely up-to-date versions of the latest Android build.

The information comes via a source of Mobile Review’s and is so far unconfirmed by either Google or LG. However, though Mobile Review says the tablet will be ready late in the summer or early-fall, it’s unknown if the device will be a commercial product available to consumers or an internal device for Google development and testing.

Would you purchase a Nexus tablet running Honeycomb? Judging by LG’s efforts with its own tablet, the 3D-capable, Tegra 2-powered Honeycombed G-Slate, we can expect a seriously beefy Nexus tablet if all of this comes to fruition.

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