Hulu Now Has a Video Games Channel

The Hulu Blog reports that the popular TV streaming service now offers a new Hub focused on video games. Here visitors can catch up on the latest game trailers, news clips provided by The Electric Playground, reviews from X-Play and more. There are even links to movies and TV content that's related to gaming.

"Those of us who love video games know what it’s like to play the latest trailer over…and over…and over again…in anticipation of the game’s launch. It can become a problem that borders on an addiction," said content partner manager Oscar Rohena on Friday. "Before we can get our hands on the latest game, all we have is that lovely… tantalizing… trailer. So we watch, analyze and memorize it until the next one is released, and then we do the same with the next one, and the next one, until the release date finally arrives."

"In case it’s not clear, we love video games at Hulu," Rohena added. "So for this busy video game season, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken a big first step in feeding the game trailer addiction by bringing you the new Video Games hub on Hulu."

Hulu's entry into the gaming industry could be a move to tackle popular media site GameTrailers. The site offers its own original programming like previews and reviews, but it also plays host to trailers and in-game footage. The site was originally founded by Geoff Grotz and Brandon Jones in 2002, but was purchased by MTV Networks in 2005 for an undisclosed sum.

Hulu itself is no stranger to original in-house content. During the summer, the service began streaming original content with "Spoilers" by Kevin Smith, "Up to Speed" with Richard Linklater, "We Got Next" and more. Hulu also currently provides exclusive 3rd-party content not seen anywhere else. That said, Hulu is primed and ready to steal viewers away from GameTrailers if that's the ultimate goal.

"Soon, we’ll showcase the next generation of video games with the release of the Nintendo Wii U, which brings us game fanatics titles such as 'New Super Mario Bros U', 'Nintendo Land' and 'SiNG Party' to your living room," Rohena said. "Even our favorite mouse Mickey is joining the party with 'Epic Mickey 2' (and the 3DS title 'Power of Illusion')."

Hulu's new video Games Hub is now open for business, but it looks like it may be just the beginning. "We’ve just gotten started and there is a lot more to come," he said.

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