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Hulu Plus On PS3 Requires PlayStation Plus?

This week Hulu launched Hulu Plus, a subscription model of the website's service. PS3 support for Hulu Plus is coming this month; also debuting this week was PlayStation Plus, for PSN users. But will Hulu Plus only be available to those paying for PlayStation Plus?

If you're already planning on forking over $50 per year for PSN Plus, this news shouldn't bother you one way or another. If you weren't planning on subscribing to PlayStation Plus but were all eager to cancel your cable and live happily ever after with Hulu Plus, then you might want to reconsider your PSN Plus decision.

While trying to figure out if PlayStation Plus users would get cheaper or free access to Hulu Plus, Technologizer stumbled upon a little secret: It looks like you'll need PlayStation Plus if you want Hulu Plus at all. Though it's not there now, Technologizer managed to get a screen shot before it disappeared.

When you consider the fact that Hulu Plus is coming to Xbox Live Gold users, it should come as no surprise that only users willing to pony up for PSN Plus will be getting the new subscription service. Still, it's kind of a bummer for those of us who don't want PSN Plus but really want Hulu Plus.