Mom Says Street View Showed Nude Pics of Son

A 25-year-old mother is furious after Google refused to remove images of her son from Google Street View. The Daily Mail reports that Claire Rowlands' son was inadvertently caught on camera while playing in his grandmother's garden. The 3-year-old was wearing just his runners and, though Google blurred the license plate of the car in Claire's mother's driveway, the image of the toddler wearing just a pair of shoes was left uncensored. In a second photo taken a few seconds later, the boy's body is hidden behind a fence but his face is clearly visible and again, not censored.

The Daily Mail cites Claire as saying she felt sick to her stomach when she saw the picture. She also said Google needs to be 'extra careful' when taking photos on warm days.

"They should be extra careful on warm days because this is what children do - he was just playing in the garden and we didn't expect in a  million years he'd have his picture taken and put on the internet for anyone to see.

"It's such a clear image," said Claire. "I see it as an indecent photograph - my concern is that paedophiles could see it and there's no way I ever wanted my son to be seen naked all over the world."

Ms. Rowlands argued that her son was on private property and says residents should be asked if they're happy to have their pictures taken before Google's Street View cars takes the photos.

Google is supposed to blur all faces of people appearing in Google Street View photographs before they are posted. DM reports the company apologized for the mistake and the image has now been blurred but a Google spokesperson told the paper the image in question was removed within an hour of Google being notified.

Do you think Google should have to ask residents before taking photographs of their streets? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the full story on London's Daily Mail.

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