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Opinion: 10 Reasons Why You’ll Be Using Google Plus In A Year

This Time Google Is Serious

After many years of tinkering, and more than a few false starts (Remember Orkut, and Wave? Anyone still Buzzing?), Google has released Plus, its answer to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the social networking sites in between.

At this point, why would any of us consider switching to Plus? My friends are all set up on Facebook. I already follow the people that interest me on Twitter. I’ve reached out to all the business associates in my past and connected with them on LinkedIn. Why would I learn to use yet another social network? I already “friend”, “tweet”, “follow”, “connect”; why would I do Plus too?

Yet, I think I will. And I think you will, too. Here are ten reasons we think that, in a year, many of us will have added Plus to our social networking repertoire.