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Google Latitude Reports Where You've Been

Google announced today that it has added new features to its Latitude location mapping and tracking service that will keep track of where users have been. Additionally, it will even alert users to friends (or enemies) who are in the vicinity. Called the Google Location History and Google Location Alerts, these feature will store, manage, and view the user's past Latitude locations while relaying the info to friends.

While this history keeping-feature sounds somewhat creepy and an invasion of privacy, apparently Latitude users have requested such a feature. Once Google Location History gathers information, it conveniently relays it back to whomever via a visual plot on Google Maps, showing exactly where the user has been.

"Whether you're taking a road trip across the country, backpacking across Europe, or just going out for a night on the town, it's fascinating to look back at where you went, and for how long you stayed," Google said.

Google's Latitude is a free service introduced back in February. Users can selectively reveal their locations to friends in real-time. The new alert feature actually learns from location tracks so that it doesn't repeatedly send text message in typical locations (like home, work).