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Google's HUD Glasses Sound Awesome

We first head rumors that Google was working on a pair of Android-powered HUD glasses back in December. The New York Times started things off with a report that both Apple and Google are working on wearable technology, with the ultimate goal being to shift more smartphones. Following this report, other websites chimed in to fill in the gaps, with 9to5Google claiming the Mountain View company was working on a pair of HUD glasses. Today, 9to5Google is back with another report. This time, the website is claiming that their source has seen the glasses.

The site's source says the prototype glasses look similar to Oakley Thumps (pictured) and that they have a front facing camera with flash to gather information and potentially aid augmented reality apps. This camera is said to be 'extremely small' and it's likely will only have a few megapixels. The HUD aspect of the glasses will be restricted to one side and one eye and, despite previous rumors, is not transparent nor does it support dual 3D configurations. As far as specs are concerned, the device is supposedly based on generation-old Android smartphone hardware, so expect 1GHz of processing power, along with 8GB of storage and possibly 256 of RAM. One feature highlighted by 9to5Google as impressive is the navigation system. At the moment, it utilizes a head-tiling scroll and click that is apparently quite intuitive and, once learned, becomes almost indistinguishable to outside users.

After all of that, you're probably wondering when you can get a pair, right? Well, Google is said to be unsure of the mass market appeal of these specs. For this reason, the company is considering launching them in a similar manner to the Cr-42 Chrome notebooks -- that is, a pilot program. Would you purchase a pair of these glasses? How much would you be willing to pay?

The glasses aren't even nearly finished, but we could hear something from Google soon, so stay tuned!

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