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Google's Chrome OS May Arrive Next Month

Is Google's Chrome operating system coming next month? That's the current theory based on Chinese manufacturer Lemote's plan to ship a Chrome-based netbook powered by the Loongson CPU next month. Originally announced back in July, Google has stated that the upcoming Chrome OS won't make an appearance until sometime in 2010. However, the netbook in question, slated for late October or November, will supposedly run a preview build of Google's open-source OS.

According to, the move to Google's Chrome OS would be a good choice: Lemote's netbooks and notebooks are somewhat hampered by the "extremely ugly" pre-installed operating system. Unlike western manufacturers, Chinese manufactures are more willing to try new, untested technology, and if Lemote's OS is indeed rather ugly, Google's open-source OS may receive a warm welcome from the manufacturer and consumers alike.

Currently Google hasn't confirmed or denied the early release. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising that Google gave the Chinese manufacturer the thumbs up to steal some of the Windows 7 glory taking place later this month.

Yesterday Microsoft's trashed Google for switching teams on the industry, jumping from the Android OS to the Chrome OS almost immediately. "I think that’s a little tougher for [Google] now because they basically tell the hardware community Android is dead, Chrome is the thing or maybe Chrome isn’t the thing," he said. "Maybe it is Android."  Or maybe, in theory, Microsoft is getting nervous because Google has two open-sourced operating system now somewhat available to use.