Google Releases Chrome 25 Beta

Google has released a new beta for its Chrome browser, which introduces a web speech API for developers.

The update will allow users to interact with Chrome by solely utilizing their voice, with Google stressing that there are more possibilities pertaining to voice commands than simply conducting web searches.

The search engine giant believes users can control documents and browser-based game characters through their voice. As well as the new API, Google released a demo that enables users to compose emails by talking into their systems through voice recognition devices.

Other features implemented by the beta includes improvements in managing and securing a user's extensions, improved support for HTML5 time/data inputs, among a batch of additions for developers.

Read more about that here.


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  • calmstateofmind
    But talking is just too much effort...
  • afrobacon
    Talking is one of the most inefficient forms of communication.
  • matt_b
    otacon7225? they will be at 250 in a few weeks.

    Yeah, how did we get to 25 already in a couple of years? Do the larger numbers mean more popularity? It seems that it used to mean a new whole version number was for a major change with the tenths spot indicating minor changes. I cannot see Chrome as having 25 major version changes. Maybe people would perceive something like if Firefox was at version 4.6 (mainly numerical in reality) as being way behind in comparison?

    Either way, I guess here's to continued improvement and innovation.