Concept Skyscraper Makes its Own Power, Water

The so-called Evolving Skyscraper seeks to distance itself from contemporary counterparts not only by its weird shape, but through its energy-generating structures as well. The concept building throws symmetry out of the window, looking like an organic spire that someone forgot to complete. This sort of unconventional design is referred to as "structural geodesics", but either way, it looks futuristic.

Distributed throughout the skyscraper's "intelligent" skin are rain water collection systems, solar cells, and wind turbines. With such an unorthodox shape, laying out these alternative power sources on the building shouldn't be too difficult.

Designer Vahan Misakyan wants to see his creation take up space on Yerevan, Armenia cityline.

Structural Geodesics / Skyscraper in Armenia

  • halodude23
    Would it still be intelligent if I pissed in there?
  • pharge
    halodude23Would it still be intelligent if I pissed in there?
    Yes... it will recycle and purify the "liquid product" and send it back to the water fountain for drinking! lol

  • kingnoobe
    You laugh pharge, but in reality that's exactly what would happen and theres nothing wrong with it. You don't think that water you drink everyday has never had piss in it before do you =). But really as long as I don't know I don't care, but I would be hard pressed if I saw somebody piss on the building to go to the water fountain lol.

    As far as the building I think it looks freaking awesome. They should diffently build it.
  • Marco925
    That would look good in Toronto instead :D
  • cybr
    It looks great til the Zerg take it out...
  • f-14
    cybr "It looks great til the Zerg take it out..."

    HAHAHAHAHAhhhaaaaaaaaa i was thinking more along the lines of the wraith or regressives maybe even some birdmen..but hey zerglings work too!
  • NuclearShadow
    I predict that someday massive buildings will be constructed that will house a city worth of people and likely completely run on renewable energy which is made/recycled through the building itself. These buildings would contain housing, places of work, and leisure. These buildings could very well be the only buildings even standing within eyesight and completely redefine what we think of when we think of a city. The main form of travel to distant parts of the building will be elevators that travel not just up and down but side to side as well.

    Outside the building would be mostly beautiful park lands well taken care of and made for the enjoyment for the inhabitants. Everything beyond that point will simply be left to nature with the exception of perhaps some roads. (Transportation at this point should also be with renewable energy sources and be air vehicles)

    I guess this building is perhaps the first step into that direction. I wonder if the creator of this building shares the same vision of the future as me.

  • _Cubase_
    It's where the Skeksis and the Mystics do business.
  • silverblue
    _cubase_It's where the Skeksis and the Mystics do business.Haha! :D
  • swamprat
    If collecting rainwater is "making its own water", do we do the same by using taps etc?

    Where tall buildings etc sway a little in the wind, I'd be surprised if they couldn't use that somehow to generate power. There's already some manner of damping I think, so generating electricity could be a nice side-effect.