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Google to Add Thousands of New Staff in 2011

Eric Schmidt may have announced his decision to step down as CEO of Google but until April 4, he’s still the man in charge over at the Googleplex. Speaking today at DLD11, the chief executive officer said that they’ll be hiring a a ton of new staff for their European offices.

“Our businesses are doing very well around the globe, and as a result I’m happy to announce we’ll be adding 1,000 new employees in Europe and make some significant investments,” he told DLD attendees, adding that hundreds of the new hires will be the Munich office.

However, Google isn't just hiring in Europe; the company is expecting 2011 to be their biggest hiring year yet. According to Mercury News, Google will have more than 30,000 on staff by the start of 2012, and could hire as many as 6,000 new employees. A huge number of these are expected to be based out of the search giant's Mountain View HQ.

That's a lot of new blood but it seems to tie in with Eric Schmidt's belief that his next decade at Google will be much more interesting than his first. Schmidt has yet to discuss specifics plans for when he assumes his role as full time chairman of the board. However, last week he said that  it will involve acting as an advisor to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as focusing on external affairs like business deals and government outreach.