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Gingerbread Coming to Verizon Androids Soon?

Verizon DROID owners were recently teased with an over-the-air update almost immediately after Google officially revealed Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) earlier this month. Much to our disappointment, the update was merely the miniscule v2.2.1 Froyo patch that was released months ago on other devices. Sorry, no Gingerbread for us yet.

But perhaps Verizon's Android-based smartphones will get the fresh baked goods soon. According to a Verizon document to service representatives dated December 13 and obtained by Droid Life, the wireless carrier is currently determining which Android phones will receive the highly-anticipated update.

"Google's just-announced Gingerbread software is generating buzz in the media," the document states. "Initially, it is not available on the Verizon Wireless lineup of Android phones. BUT... we're working with Google as they release source code for device manufacturers to begin integration. We are also assessing which devices will get Gingerbread within the coming months.*"

Android 2.3 may actually arrive on all DROID models including the original DROID, DROID X, DROID 2, DROID Incredible and DROID Pro. Samsung has already stated that its Galaxy S series will receive the update, however, based on the amount of time it took for Froyo (v2.2) to land on the DROID X, it may not be until late February/early March before Verizon subscribers get a taste of Gingerbread.

*Emphasis added