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Bungie: We Don't Want to Make a 3D Halo

CVG said on Thursday that Halo developer Bungie has no plans to create a new title-- or remake a previous installment-- in its popular FPS franchise using 3D technology. Despite the industry's sudden push into 3D, the company said that the concept was not something that interested the studio. In fact, Halo: Reach is probably the end of the road for Bungie.

The comments were made just a day before Microsoft's X10 event at the Terra Event Center in San Francisco. The expo will showcase Microsoft's upcoming hardware and software including Alan Wake, Halo:Reach, Fable III, and more. This will be Microsoft's first X Expo since 2006 (X06).

Prior to the show, CVG asked Bungie if there was a slight chance in revisiting the Halo franchise using 3D or "other technology" (presumably Project Natal).

"Not from us," said Bungie community manager Brian Jarrad. "I don't think that would be something our team would find interesting--to go back and sort of [revisit Halo]. There's a lot of feeling that Reach is sort of a final conclusion to our Halo saga and I think people will be excited to move forward and try our next big thing afer that."

Bungie previously stated that the latest Halo game-- Halo: Reach-- is not a Project Natal title. Bungie also previously stressed that the company is moving on from the Halo franchise. Microsoft, however, could develop a new Halo title using 3D technology and/or Project Natal's motion-sensing capabilities.