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Are the Beatles Coming to iTunes Today?

So what's the deal? On the one hand, the timing fits. With the launch of Beatles Rock Band and the digitally remastered Beatles catalog falling on the same day, an Apple announcement would make for a nice and tidy Beatles hat trick. However, EMI has said that while the company is still discussing the possibility with Apple, no agreement has been made. In other words, no Beatles-iTunes announcement today.

 Okay, that's that, right? Well, not quite. Unfortunately, Yoko Ono has thrown her own two cents in. John Lennon's widow yesterday told Sky News UK that the full Beatles catalog would be available on iTunes. Oops. EMI has denied Ono's claims and the Sky News story has since been deleted (though a Google cached version can be found here).

A Sky Staffer told 9to5mac that they were told to cut the story and not to comment. This directive was said to have come from "the very top."

Guess we'll find out what's going on in a few hours.

  • snarfeck
    i got the full discography of mandy moore why the hell would i want this? face the facts: mandy moore trumps the beatles.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    The Beatles.... rings a bell... I think they used to play the fiddle back a century or two ago.

    Honestly, I don't think anyone cares.
  • magicandy
    "Unfortunately, Yoko Ono has thrown her own two cents in."

    Thanks for telling me how I should approach her opinion. =/
  • JMcEntegart
    magicandy"Unfortunately, Yoko Ono has thrown her own two cents in."Thanks for telling me how I should approach her opinion. =/
    I was more labeling the confusion "unfortunate" as opposed to her opinion.
  • tayb
    LOL. What were you guys born in the 21st century? I've never seen so many people who don't like the Beatles. Come to think of it this is the same group of people who oppose camera's on their MP3 players just on principal so I suppose this isn't too surprising. The Beatles are one of the most popular bands of all time so to make a statement such as "I don't think anyone cares" is just laughable. If no one cared there wouldn't be an entire Rock Band game devoted just to the Beatles and this article wouldn't have been written in the first place. A very large number of people care and they want the Beatles on iTunes and on their iPods.
  • JohnnyLucky
    It doesn't matter. I still have the old LP's (large 12 inch cd's)
  • Well, if EMI don't want to sell the Beatles albums it's their loss...
    Meanwhile I guess we have to download them for free instead:
  • chaohsiangchen
    Beetles is so over rated. They are famous simply because they are early in the game of rock'n roll. Their works can't connect with people who are born earlier or later who didn't got the hype. Funny thing is that how their popularity rose and fell with drug abuse in the 60s. Elvis, Rolling Stone and Pink Floyd are more memorable artists that will endure the test of time, while Beetles will go into oblivion and remembered merely as hype.

    Stop hyping Beetles, most of us don't care at all.
  • hellwig
    Huh, lets see, and insider with knowledge says yes, its coming. Apple and EMI (or just EMI at this point?) says "Absolutely 100% no way, and there's nothing behind the curtain". Seems to me the Beatles are coming to iTunes very soon.

    Since when has Apple denied a rumor that didn't turn out to be true (other than multiple reports of Steve Jobs' untimely death, of course, they've yet to prove the guy in the turtle neck isn't an android or something).
  • aj6065
    hahaha i really cant believe so many people think the Beatles arent popular anymore lol. They are the most influential band of all time. Name just 1 band that is as old as they are and still so popular. The Rolling Stones are the only other band that comes close.