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Are the Beatles Coming to iTunes Today?

So what's the deal? On the one hand, the timing fits. With the launch of Beatles Rock Band and the digitally remastered Beatles catalog falling on the same day, an Apple announcement would make for a nice and tidy Beatles hat trick. However, EMI has said that while the company is still discussing the possibility with Apple, no agreement has been made. In other words, no Beatles-iTunes announcement today.

 Okay, that's that, right? Well, not quite. Unfortunately, Yoko Ono has thrown her own two cents in. John Lennon's widow yesterday told Sky News UK that the full Beatles catalog would be available on iTunes. Oops. EMI has denied Ono's claims and the Sky News story has since been deleted (though a Google cached version can be found here).

A Sky Staffer told 9to5mac that they were told to cut the story and not to comment. This directive was said to have come from "the very top."

Guess we'll find out what's going on in a few hours.