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BMW Implements Microsoft Surface

Surface technology is being described by Microsoft as “a leap ahead in digital interaction.” The software utilizes a sophisticated vision system that uses five cameras that is capable of recognizing user fingers, hands and also tagged objects. Microsoft is saying that this technology is beyond that of “multi-touch,” which is most widely used on Apple’s iPhone and Macbook.

BMW demonstrates that in the near future, prospective buyers will be able to digitally interact with their vehicle of choice by rotating, zooming, and quickly navigating through the interior and exterior of the cars. Perhaps the most notable implementation of Surface is the addition of sample tiles, where buyers can change colors of the exterior, interior, rims, bars, and seats by placing tagged sample tiles on the screen. BMW has integrated these customizations into a “vertical screen,” where information and corresponding video is displayed that accurately reflect the buyer’s choices. The information displayed and configured can be printed out, emailed, or saved to an USB device for later viewing.

Throughout the promotional video, the user interface seemed smooth and reactive to both touch and gesture. It seems that the production model of the Navigator has indeed been improved and streamlined compared to its pre-production prototype. Microsoft’s Surface computers can be seen at various Sheraton hotels in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino was the first commercial property to incorporate Surface technology to its iBar lounge where patrons could interact with a number of specifically designed games and has been operational since June of this year.

  • Pei-chen
    "The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino....its iBar lounge....."
    Hi, I am iPei-chen.

    BTW, MS Surface is being used in MI6's headquarter in the latest Bond flick.
  • kamkal
    Pei-chen"The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino....its iBar lounge....."Hi, I am iPei-chen.BTW, MS Surface is being used in MI6's headquarter in the latest Bond flick.
    that was pretty cool in quantum of solace
    i would think it would take a bit of getting used to to manipulate it the way the guy did in the movie