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Apple Announces Event for September 9th

Many would say the media invitations entitled "Let’s Rock" are kicking the rumor mill about updates for the iPod line into overdrive, we’d say the rumor mill is closed until further notice. About a week ago, Digg founder Kevin Rose, started it all off with a post containing speculations as to what the next iPod update might contain.

For the last three years running, Apple has updated it’s iPod lines in the Autumn and unveiled them at the beginning of September. Rose predicted that this year would be no different and even posted pictures of what he said was the updated, longer iPod Nano featuring a larger screen to improve viewing quality of videos. The Nano’s screen is longer and with videos supposedly watched landscape to make the most of the small screen.

Another rumor Rose kicked off was that Apple would be launching a new version of the iTunes store that would see the Cupertino company roll out a sort of all-you-can-eat subscription service and that Snow Leopard would have added support for Blu-ray.

Don’t get too excited, these are only rumors thus far. Nothing has been confirmed other than the date for San Francisco on September 9. Stay tuned for more news of what goes on next Tuesday.