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Apple's Legal Goliath Struck Down by Spanish Tablet Maker

Perhaps it's opposite day in the international court system, but it turns out that Apple isn't invulnerable in courts of law after all. After a nearly unbroken string of humiliating legal victories over Samsung, it seems Apple has finally met its courthouse match: a tiny Spanish tablet maker called Nuevas Tecnologias.  A Spanish Judge in the city of Quart de Poblet has now overturned a previous decision granting an injunction against Nuevas Tecnologias have have dismissed commercial and criminal charges brought against them by apple.

At issue is Nuevas Tecnologias' NK-T slate, accused by Apple of (of course) infringing on the iPad design. Apple first filed their claim in 2010, and were quickly granted a preliminary injunction that restricted sales of NK-T to only 200 units. At the time Apple received their preliminary ruling, Spanish customs agents seized China-bound shipments of Nuevas Tecnologias tablets. This led to N.T. being briefly listed on an EU list of known technology pirates, at which point Apple outrageously filed additional criminal charges. Now that the case has been thrown out, Nuevas Tecnologias is suing to recoup court costs and better still, pursuing anti-trust charges for what they allege - quite rightly from appearances - is a pattern of anticompetitive behavior by Apple.

Nuevas Tecnologias have posted a statement (in Castilian Spanish) posted to the company blog saying in part that "We are a small company like many others. In these times of crisis we [are] trying to get ahead, and it seems grossly unfair that a company the caliber of Apple has to use its dominant influence."