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Rare Apple WALT Touch Screen Phone Goes for $8000

@JaneMcEntegart on Twitter!

  • alextheblue
    I don't care much for Apple but I love rare old tech, especially prototypes! I'd like to see them in action, just for kicks. Functional antiques are the best, like a clean classic car that gets driven instead of a garage queen that only goes out to car shows.
  • aoneone
    put me down for 2. nothing more satisfying than wasting money.. OH WAIT.
  • zzz_b
    Iĺl wait for the WALL-E prototype :)
  • stingstang
    Who else wants to bet that these listings were already taken down by a nice friendly nudge from Apple citing copyright infringement?
  • egilbe
    There is no end to the silliness that Apple customers will spend on anything that says "Apple" on it :)
  • builder4
    $8000? So it's actually one of the less expensive pieces of apple hardware?
  • bigdragon
    I'm expecting this to turn into another 3G magsafe Macbook fiasco. I don't see why anyone would even go near this thing given what happened with that last prototype.
  • memadmax
    I like Apples old hardware like the Mac Classic, LCIII, LC 500 series, just about any Mac OS 7.5.5 machine out there...

    It's when they went to OS X/iMac is when they turned me off. Along with Steve shafting the short lived "Mac Clone" makers, and when it was more important for a computer to make a "great conversation piece", nvm making the machine a useful and productive computer...
  • qhoa1385
    What's the difference between this and the current iPad or iPhone? NONE! if you know what i mean
  • it is so ugly is like from 90's with the price from 90's
    but hwo cares above aple anyway!