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Mozilla Programmers Join Palm in Apple War

While the current battle is over in regards to iTunes, the war still rages on between Palm and Apple, as two programmers have left Mozilla and are now signed on with Palm. Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith, who previously worked on Mozilla's Bespin tool as well as created elaborate Web interfaces for the Ajaxian website, said that it was time to use browsers to "bypass Apple's controlling role in mobile applications" according to CNET. However, neither programmer mentioned Apple by name in their blogs.

But many of the comments made by both developers offer a tinge of Apple-related issues, namely the way the company dictates how developers can program content for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. Galbraith's blog praises how "desktop computers have somehow shrunk down to pocket size," however he expressed his concern in regards to the technology's current trajectory.

"My enthusiasm for this amazing new world is tempered by some unfortunate decisions made by some of the players in this space," he said. "It seems that some view this revolution as a chance to seize power in downright Orwellian ways by constraining what we as developers can say, dictating what kinds of apps we can create, controlling how we distribute our apps, and placing all kinds of limits on what can do to our computing devices." Sound familiar?

Ultimately the programmers look to bypass Apple and it's confusing App Store laws by developing Web-based applications. As CNET points out, Web-based programs are typically slower and less capable than applications installed locally on the device. However, Web-based programs are written only once, and can be used on the Palm Pre, Apple iPhone, or any other mobile device that provides the minimum browser and hardware requirements. Now just imagine how baked Apple will be when iPhone users are running Palm Web-based applications.