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Apple Probed Due to Bogus iTunes Charges

Monday Japanese authorities revealed plans to summon Apple officials sometime this week in regards to bogus credit card charges connected to iTunes. Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) told the AFP that at least 95 cases have been reported in Japan alone, and involves five major credit card companies.

"We have seen such cases increasing, notably since autumn last year," said an official with Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency. "The damage in those cases seems to range from a few hundred yen to several hundred thousand yen (from several dollars to several thousand dollars)."

Could this merely be a case of account hacking? The CAA said that one local woman created an iTunes account years ago but never used it. Now the consumer has received around $1,100 USD in credit card charges for applications and media she never purchased, indicating a possible hack job rather than fraudulent behavior on Apple's behalf.

The AFP said that Japan's industry and communications ministries have joined the CAA's investigation--all parties are trying to determine if personal data listed on iTunes has been stolen. Japanese officials said that iTunes consumers should check bank accounts to keep track of digital spending.

iTunes users should also keep an eye on email in-boxes for receipts stemming from unauthorized purchases.

  • Bert R
    When it said "Bogus Charges" and "Apple" I just thought someone picked up an iMac.
  • thedreadfather
    And this is exactly why you don't link your credit cart/bank account to your iTunes account (or any online service for that matter).
  • kyeana
    Sorry, but this i highly doubt this is apple "trying to steal some more money".

    Seems like a clear cut case of PEBKAC.
  • barneybadass
    sounds like the apple got a worm... or worse.. only half a worm!
  • dextermat
    I wonder what will happen when it will happen to most costumers.

    will they shut the service down or just tell them that those charges applies ??
  • r0x0r
    The real news here is that there are people who actually pay for music!

    I'd rather takes my chances on getting a virus through torrents (never happens) than letting a company hold my credit card details.

    Maybe Apple we're running OSX on their servers (and the hacking competitions in recent years have shown us just how secure an operating system that is...)
  • Miharu
    How said Apple never crash, never have virus, never been hacked, never make mistake ?!?
    Apple publicity said that!

    The fact is your Apple could crash, could have virus, could be hacked and Apple make so many mistakes.

    Stick on one module (iTunes) is a funny MESS now!
  • halcyonnn
    Um are there kids in the house? Kids often know more about how tech works than their parents and often times use that. It happens with pay per view all the time. "No Dad I didn't order Lord of the G-Strings." Why can't it happen with iTunes?
  • abhinav_mall
    Biggest problem with iStore's method of one click purchases. Credit card / Banking info should be asked while purchasing.