Apple's App Store Outperforms Google Play in Revenue

Google's app store outperformed the sales growth of Apple's App Store over the past several months, but the latter still generates the most revenue, as well as profit.

During the last four months, the Google Play store for Android enjoyed a daily sales jump of 43 percent across 20 countries, according to figures measured by analytics provider Distimo.

Comparatively, sales growth for Apple's App Store increased by 21 percent on a daily basis. However, during January, the App Store's daily sales growth stood at 51 percent.

That said, daily revenue values in the App Store were already considerably higher than the revenue generated by Google Play. Distimo said that on an average day in November, the sales in the App Store surpassed $15 million. Google Play, meanwhile, settled for just under $3.5 million.

The United States was the largest market for overall app sales in 2012, which was followed by Japan, the UK and Australia. Google Play in particular saw the U.S. and Japan being the two largest regions for sales, followed by Korea.

Distimo added that a large number of apps available at both the App Store and Google Play made it increasingly difficult for users to discover new apps, subsequently hurting developers aiming to become successful commercially.

In November, seven apps accounted for 10 percent of all sales for the App Store for the iPhone, which was 11 apps back in January. 31 apps generated 10 percent of all free apps downloaded.

Ultimately, Android's revenue for apps has risen by 311 percent since January and 17.9 percent in November. However, iOS apps are four times more profitable than its rival.


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  • tobalaz
    Uhm, duh?
    Damn near everything in the Apple store you have to pay for.
    You need a credit card just to be able to use it, it makes it more tempting to purchase things when Apple already has their tendrils 3 feet deep into your wallet.
    You don't need a credit card to use GooglePlay. There are so many free, trial and demo apps unless you've got a great product head and shoulders above the rest people will just turn to an equivalent free app that runs just as good.
    That just means Apple iPhone users buy more crap at the App Store.
  • Other Comments
    That just means Apple iPhone users buy more crap at the App Store.
  • halcyon
    Well for a long time it seemed that the App Store had higher quality offerings. Some of my favorites are still unavailable in Google Play (ie., DizzyPad and Pinball HD) but it's a sacrifice I'd make again to have my S3, Note, and JellyBean. The App Store is still ahead of Google's Play but not by too much.
  • Tomtompiper
    Enough already, this universally known fact has been reported this month by this author, this is lazy journalism of the cut and paste variety. Start controlling the quality of your output or you will lose a subscriber.