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Apple Planning Product Launch for Anniversary

This Thursday will mark 10 years to the day since Apple’s first retail store, at Tysons Corner Center in McLean, Virginia, opened its doors. Apple has certainly come a long way since May of 2001 and, if the latest rumors are to be believed, the Cupertino-based company has something very special planned for this weekend.

Boy Genius Report cites sources that say there’s an overnight shift planned for 10-15 employees from every store starting late Saturday and continuing through to the middle of Sunday. Employees working this shift will be required to sign an NDA with Apple and their cell phones will be locked away in the main office. Black curtains will be hung in the windows to prevent people from seeing in and BGR’s source says that stores have already received hardware to install, and are expecting more to come on Friday or Saturday. Employees have also downloaded "gigabytes of data from Apple corporate" labeled "training." These files will be inaccessible to managers and everyone else until Saturday afternoon.

Considering part of this grand plan is said to include black curtains in Apple store windows, we should know if there’s any truth to these rumors by Saturday afternoon. But what is it Apple has got going on? Could it be the new iPhone? Apple’s nose was put firmly out of joint last year when the iPhone 4 was leaked by Gizmodo. The first iPhone to feature a completely new design, it was a pretty big deal for Apple, but pictures and video were available well in advance of the WWDC 2010 launch. For a company that loves to keep products completely under wraps, that was a big blow. Is Apple planning to surprise everyone by springing an early iPhone 5 launch on us? Are all the reports of an iPhone 5 delay the work of Apple’s expert PR team? We’ll know in a few days!