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Report: Apple Apparently Not Acquiring Waze to Solve Maps

Apple's switch away from Google Maps on iOS 6 was less than graceful. There have been complaints about the Maps app's accuracy, including the sad, but hilarious story of Australian Apple users who were left stranded in a park, tens of miles away from their intended destination.

Recently, there were reports that Apple was looking to acquire the social navigation startup Waze. The company uses user-submitted data from its mobile app on Apple, Android, and other mobile platforms to provide GPS navigation to its app users. It also currently provides some map data for Apple's iOS Maps app.

TechCrunch reported that Waze was looking for a figure of something like $750 million from Apple, while Apple was only willing to dole out $400 million.

However, today, TechCrunch and CNET both report that according to their sources, there is no deal between Apple and Waze.

"A source familiar with Apple's thinking has told CNET that reports that Waze would be acquired by the iPhone maker are completely "fabricated." The person told CNET that Apple has no plans to acquire Waze, and discussions are currently not being held between the companies," reports CNET's Don Reisinger.

TechCrunch, who broke the Waze-Apple deal story, rescinded their report, saying, "Yesterday, we ran a big story: Is Apple Plotting A Route To A Waze Acquisition? Rumours On The Road Point To Yes. That’s huge news for a few reasons: Apple rarely makes startup acquisitions — Waze is a hot startup with good buzz — the Apple Maps fiasco — the list goes on. But there’s just one little problem: the deal isn’t actually happening."

While the entire Waze deal may be nothing more than smoke, one thing is clear. Apple's iOS Maps app needs help.


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