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Shares of Amazon, Netflix Rise From Rumors

Netflix stock has hit a reported three month high following reports that is considering purchasing the movie rental and streaming company. While most people are calling the deal a match made in heaven, Kara Swisher over at All Things D's BoomTown blog seems to think Microsoft would be a better fit for the Netflix acquisition rumors.

Kara cites several sources close to Microsoft who say that the deal Netflix and Microsoft announced last year, which allows users to watch movies and TV shows on the Xbox 360, is "on fire," and says that President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, Robbie Bach has been meeting with Netflix CEO and Co-founder, Reed Hastings, about what else the pair can do together to expand its current partnership. Swisher also points out one major flaw with the rumors about Netflix and Amazon.

"But the speculation completely ignored the giant price needed to buy the Silicon Valley-based Netflix (NFLX)–well above its current $2.43 billion market cap, to be sure–which would be a big chunk of Amazon’s $35 billion valuation."

However, analysts seem to think the deal is plausible. The LA Times cites Jeffrey Lindsay, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and Steve Weinstein of Pacific Crest Securities as saying Amazon buying Netflix is "not a crazy idea at all," and "You can envision certain positives if you put them together."

The LA Times said that Netflix shares rose as high as $43.07 before settling back to close at $42.19, a gain of $2.12, or 5.3%. Amazon shares gained $3.84, or 4.9%, to $81.47.

Who would you like to see buy Netflix, Amazon or Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below!