8BitDo's New Retro Controllers Offer All Kinds of Nintendo Nostalgia

This E3, 8BitDo has something special for those in the market for a blast from the past.

The company just unveiled its latest lineup of Switch-ready retro controllers, which set themselves apart from the nostalgia-pandering competition via some seriously impressive style, form and versatility.

First up on 8BitDo's slate of new toys are the Zero 2 controllers, which are a Game Boy-themed line designed to fit comfortably in your pocket for maximum portability. They're smaller than a credit card (though not quite as skinny) and available in five stunning colors: red, blue, green, mustard yellow and grey.

The Zero 2 controllers feature wireless Bluetooth capability, motion controls, and are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Android devices, macOS and Windows. Their size and Bluetooth functionality look to make them a great gadget for gaming on the go.

Next are the N30 Pro 2 controllers. They come in six models, each designed to be a stylish ode to a classic console of gaming's past. These varied designs include homages to the Famicom, GameCube, Nintendo 64 and more. The controllers are equipped with wireless Bluetooth, rumble vibrations, motion controls, thumbsticks and USB-C functionality. They're compatible with all the same systems and devices as the Zero 2 controllers.

8BitDo's also introducing its SN30+ Pro line. These controllers come in three different models: SNES, SFC and Game Boy Classic. They're retro-themed fun with the ergonomic shape and design of modern-day controllers, which is an interesting fusion that's relatively new to the retro controller arena. They sport all the same technical features as the N30 Pro 2 controllers, as well as all of the same platform compatibility.

Last but not least, we have the SN30 GP controller series. Inspired by the Game Boy Pocket, these sleek controllers come in five distinct colors. Feature-wise, they support wireless Bluetooth and micro USBs. The SN30 GP controllers are compatible with all the same platforms as 8BitDo's other newly announced lines.

All of these new lines look great and are definitely aesthetic upgrades to the average throwback controller, though we'll have to wait and see how they play. Still, 8BitDo's made a striking first impression with its new products, and it looks like fans of retro-gaming-themed gadgetry have a lot to look forward to from the company's upcoming release slate.

Credit: 8BitDo

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