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Here's How Xbox Can Finally Beat PlayStation

Even though the new Xbox One X is the most powerful console around, the PlayStation 4 is still leading this generation by a mile.

So how can Microsoft improve? A streaming service, it hopes.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Microsoft may introduce a streaming service that doesn't need a console within the next three years.

Sony already offers a streaming service, PlayStation Now, that lets gamers stream over 500 PS3 and PS4 games to either a PlayStation 4 or a PC. PC gaming giant Nvidia also offers a service, GeForce Now, to stream games from cloud computers.

An Xbox streaming service could run on Microsoft's cloud service, Azure. Microsoft apparently tested Xbox streaming at one point but deemed it too costly.

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According to the UK-based research firm VGChartz, the Xbox One has sold 31.2 million units  globally as of Sept. 16, while the PS4 has sold 63.6 million. The Xbox may see a boost if the Xbox One X launch is a success.

Spencer also admitted that Microsoft needs to spend more time and resources on creating new exclusive content for the Xbox. The company has delayed or canceled a ton of games in recent months and shuttered studios, and now it's looking to build up and acquire new ones.