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LG Unveils 88-inch 8K TV with Alexa Inside

LG is bringing a serious amount of power and visual quality to CES this year.

Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG)

The company on Thursday announced a new lineup of televisions led by its 88-inch 8K OLED, called the Z9. It's flanked by the 75-inch SM99 LCD, which also comes with 8K resolution. Either way, if you pick up one of those televisions, you'll get a set that features four times the resolution of current 4K TVs and eight times the resolution of a full-HD set on store shelves.

The problem with buying an 8K TV today, of course, is that there's hardly any 8K content to watch. However, LG said that its sets will ship with the a9 Gen 2 artificial intelligence platform, which can improve picture and sound quality by upscaling lesser-quality content to 8K. In order to do that, the platform accesses its database of more than one million visual data points, analyzes the source material, and upscales it to 8K.

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Additionally, LG said that the TV's processor is capable of adjusting a tone mapping curve and optimizing screen brightness based on how the human eye sees. That, coupled with a new feature that refines HDR content to deliver better contrast, should create a picture with much better visuals, LG said. But the smarts don't stop there.

Like last year's models, LG's new televisions will ship with Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to control your smart home and a variety of products from the television. In addition, LG is now baking Amazon's Alexa into its set by adding an Amazon Prime Video button to its Magic Remote. Upon pressing that button, you can interact with Alexa and control the products around your home and access the virtual personal assistant's many skills.

LG is all but promising some of the best picture quality ever in a television. But what it's not saying is how much that will cost. Considering its televisions come with 8K, a better processor, and more, there's a good chance these sets will not come cheap. For reference, Samsung's 85-inch 8K TV has a MSRP of $15,000 or about £12,000.

Look for LG to reveal more on pricing and availability next week at CES.

  • nickebrenner
    What about the Google Assistant? I'm fine if the simply "add" Alexa, but it the article doesn't mention if the Google Assistant remains or was replaced.