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Cord Cutters Rejoice! Hulu to Live-Stream CBS Shows

Cutting cable-television service may soon be even more enticing for those who haven't already done so. Streaming service Hulu has signed a deal with CBS to add live-streaming of that channel's programming to its already-stacked offerings.

Hulu is adding CBS network shows, as well as programming from CBS Sports Network and CBS's POP channel, which caters to pop fans clamoring for more on their favorite celebrities.

Credit: Getty Images

(Image credit: Getty Images)

CBS shows will stream live at the same time that they air on regular TV, and many of the same shows will be available on demand as well, according to Hulu. Hit shows such as The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Big Brother and 60 Minutes will be available both ways, Hulu announced.

This agreement follows earlier deals between Hulu and 21st Century Fox, Disney and Time Warner, which added shows from channels such as Fox Sports, ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, the Disney Channel and National Geographic to Hulu's lineup, making cord cutting even more of a no-brainer for some TV watchers.

No pricing changes have been announced along with these deals. A Hulu subscription still costs $8 a month.