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The Galaxy Note 9 Has a Big Problem

If you have a Galaxy Note 9, you might want to check the virtual buttons at the bottom of the handset's screen.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Some Galaxy Note 9 owners are reporting that the recent, home, and back buttons on the bottom of the smartphone's screen have become less responsive in recent days. Those users, who took to Samsung forums and other sites, said that the keys were working just fine when they bought the phone, but started to become less responsive over time.

"They seem to work fine about half the time but randomly become unresponsive," one poster wrote, according to Piunika Web, which earlier reported on the problem. "I may have to tap on them 10 -20 times to get my recent apps to pop up. Usually if I restart the phone they work fine for awhile."

Other users complained of the same problem, saying that the issue becomes a bit better after a restart but crops up again over time.

Soon after the reports surfaced, a Samsung representative took to the forums to explain what's going on. In a post, the person, who goes by the handle SamsungLarry, said that the problem only occurs when you've not set up Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Note 9 and the mobile-payment app updates to version 3.0.00 that Samsung recently released to the Google Play Store.

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The representative said that Samsung is working on a fix to the problem that it "hopes to release in the very near future." However, if you're having the problem, SamsungLarry said users should "swipe the Samsung Pay 'hint' image up from the bottom of the screen three times and dismiss it." Apparently, that will address the issue.

"Or, of course, you could also set up Samsung Pay and start enjoying the best digital wallet out there," SamsungLarry said.

Other posters have considered another option: removing Samsung Pay entirely and no longer worrying about the odd bug.

The issue is just the latest in a string of flaws in Samsung's software, including periodically slow camera responsiveness and speaker problems, according to Piunika Web. The site also said that some Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders have yet to be delivered.

  • jhtedja
    I just bought a new Note 9. The problems occur everytime I wanna watch the video. Most of the time the video would stop for 1 or 2 seconds during that time. I asked Samsung Service Centre but they said the problem was in the video but actually almost all videos stuck during the playing. What is the problem actually ?
    From Tedja