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Best iPhone XR Deals in April 2020

iPhone XR Deals

iPhone XR deals can be found everywhere these days. In fact, since the debut of the iPhone 11, we've seen a surge in iPhone XR deals. Sure, the iPhone XR is over a year old, but it's still an excellent cheap iPhone for iOS fans who don't want to spend wads of cash on Apple's latest smartphone. 

Best Buy, Sprint, and Verizon are just a few of the retailers offering excellent iPhone XR deals right now. To help you find the best price, we've rounded up the best iPhone XR deals you can get right now regardless of whether you're looking to buy unlocked or with contract.

Best iPhone XR deals right now

iPhone XR w/ $100 gift card: lease for $10/mo. @ Sprint
Port your number to Sprint and lease an iPhone XR via Sprint's Flex 18-month plan and you'll pay just $10/month for your iPhone. After the 18-month lease is over, you can either opt to return your phone and upgrade to a new one or buy it outright by paying off the remaining balance. View Deal

iPhone XR: $5/mo. @ AT&T Wireless
At AT&T, purchase an iPhone XR with AT&T's 30-month Next plan and you'll pay just $5/mo. That's one of the cheapest iPhone XR deals we've seen from AT&T. Get the iPhone XR 64GB for $5/mo., 128GB for $10/mo., or 256GB for $15/moView Deal

iPhone XR 128GB: for $576 w/ $200 Prepaid MasterCard
With its 6.1-inch Retina LCD and A12 processor, the iPhone XR is still a power to be reckoned with. Purchase and activate an iPhone XR on Verizon-operated Visible and you'll not only save $23 on the phone, but you'll get a free $200 prepaid MasterCard. View Deal

How much does the iPhone XR cost? 

If you purchase it direct from the Apple Store, the iPhone XR (64GB) costs $599. Upgrade to the 128GB model and you'll pay $649. However, the Apple Store is usually the last place we'd recommend searching for iPhone XR deals. 

Retailers like Best Buy usually have the iPhone XR on sale or bundled with a freebie that the Apple Store wouldn't normally offer. Likewise, carriers including AT&T, Sprint, and Visible tend to offer noteworthy iPhone XR deals. 

If you have an older iPhone you can trade in, you'll save even more money. Bottom line: There's no reason why you should pay $599 for the iPhone XR these days.