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The ridiculous Xbox Series X mini fridge is real and it's coming soon

Screengrab of Xbox Mini Fridge opening from release trailer.
(Image credit: Xbox | YouTube)

At the end of Microsoft's jam-packed E3 2021 showcase was a new trailer for it's upcoming Xbox Mini Fridge accessory, and suffice it to say, it's cooler than whatever Sony is offering.

"Yes, this is really happening" had to actually be quoted in the trailer, just so that fans didn't think it was some late April Fools joke. Not only is it real, fans were also made aware of its holiday 2021 release window. A price, however, was not given. Considering that most mini fridges retail from $100-150, we expect it to be under $200. 

From the console's official unveiling in early 2020, the Xbox faithful began referring it to as a fridge. Microsoft leaned into the joke by offering influencers and a few lucky fans an actual giant Xbox fridge in the shape of a Series X. That didn't stop fans from demanding more be made.

Xbox also partnered with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to promote his ZOA energy drink. In the video, after Johnson goes through a workout, he opens an Xbox Series X mini fridge to take out Zoa branded drink. 

In April of this year, Twitter Marketing held a vote to see which brand had the best marketing tweet of 2020. Xbox narrowly beat out Skittles with 50.5% of the vote. After that, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg said that Microsoft would be moving forward with making mini fridges. 

Unfortunately, Sony hasn't hit back with a PS5-shaped small appliance. While the PS5 wouldn't work as a fridge, it could make for a George Foreman-style grill. 

Imad Khan

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