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GhostWire: Tokyo release date, trailer, news and more

ghostwire tokyo
(Image credit: Sony)

GhostWire: Tokyo is an upcoming paranormal action-adventure title, launching as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive later this year. Despite Microsoft purchasing the development studio's parent company, ZeniMax, the game is still slated as a one-year exclusive to the PS5.

GhostWire tackles the paranormal as almost all of the residents of Tokyo mysteriously vanish. Your player character must use their psychic abilities to combat the malevolent spirits that have invaded the city.

The studio behind GhostWire, Tango Gameworks, earned its fame thanks to the The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Both horror games are pretty good, so it's exciting to the see the developer tackle some with more action.

We've collected what we know about GhostWire: Tokyo below.

GhostWire: Tokyo release date

At time of writing, GhostWire: Tokyo doesn't have a set release date. Instead, Sony's showcase last summer said that it's coming sometime in 2021. There are rumors that the game will come out in October of this year, but that remains to be seen.

GhostWire: Tokyo trailers

GhostWire: Tokyo doesn't have an abundance of trailers available, but the highlight is of course the gameplay trailer from last summer.

Sony showed this off in June 2020. In it, you can see how the game will look and play in the desolate Tokyo. The player character uses some of their paranormal abilities to take on the malevolent spirits that have invaded Tokyo. 

We expect that more trailers will surface as we get closer to launch.

During the PlayStation Showcase 2021, Sony unveiled a new trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo giving more insight on the first-person action gameplay, the main character and the freaky world being built. 

GhostWire: Tokyo news

GhostWire: Tokyo will supposedly diverge from what Tango Gameworks is currently known for with The Evil Within series. You'll play in first-person using a series of gestures to activate your spells. The combat director for GhostWire: Tokyo, Shinichiro Hara, says it's like magic meets martial arts.

ghostwire tokyo

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Hara wants the player to feel powerful when they play, not like the glass cannon that magic users are typically portrayed as. Spells, acrobatics, exorcism, it should all combine into an interesting power fantasy. 

Since Hara worked on combat in Doom 2016, notably the aggressive nature and Glory Kills, he's bringing that same spirit to GhostWire: Tokyo. Instead of having to get right up the enemies' faces, you can initiate these glory kill-like moves from afar. When enemies are properly weakened, they'll expose a core that you can rip out with spirit wires (perhaps where the name "GhostWire" comes from?).

ghostwire tokyo

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Despite Microsoft purchasing ZeniMax (and therefore acquiring Bethesda and its subsidiaries), GhostWire: Tokyo is still planned as a timed PS5 exclusive. When the year exclusivity ends, you'll probably find the game on Game Pass, too.

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