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Amazon Black Friday deal: Get the Echo Dot 4th Gen now for only £28

Amazon Echo dot Black Friday deal
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Now that Black Friday deals are seasonal thing rather than a single-day event, now's the time to grab a killer tech bargain. 

And thanks to Amazon getting on the early deals train, the Echo Dot 4th gen is on sale for £28 at Amazon. That's a saving of £21, meaning you have some money left over for some of out picks for the best Amazon Black Friday deals

Echo Dot (4th Gen): was £49 now £28 @ Amazon
The Echo Dot is the latest smart speaker from Amazon combining solid sound for its small size and offering a load of Alexa smart home skills to tap into. If you're starting out down the smart home route then this could be the speaker for you. View Deal

In our Echo Dot 4th gen review, we found that the new smart speaker offers high-quality audio and Amazon's Alexa digital assistant in a compact spherical design. 

The fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot abandons the hockey puck shape of the previous Echo and goes for for a new orb-like shape. So unlike previous versions, it's designed to stand out from all other smart speakers.

But it's with access to Alexa that's where the latest Echo Dot really shines. From commands barked at it, Alexa can search the web to answer your questions, control your music or other smart home devices. And Alexa act as an intercom or voice call system with other Alexa-compatible devices within your home.

As a device to start a smart home around, you could do a lot worse than the Echo Dot 4th gen. However, do check out our best Black Friday speaker deals for more smart speakers that might take your fancy. 

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