DeWalt's battery-powered pressure washer is my favorite cleaning tool

Man cleans vinyl siding with cordless dewalt pressure washer
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Pressure washers are machines that use a strong stream of water to clean off objects. They shoot out hard water at high speeds to remove dirt and grime from the surface. This is best for quickly and effectively cleaning large areas like decks, fences, and vinyl siding but has traditionally required you to lug around a large, loud tank. 

I received Dewalt's battery-powered pressure washer back in 2022 after telling a friend about some grime building up on my second-floor apartment balcony. Since then, I've found it helpful for a variety of random tasks — most recently I used it to shoot down a Carpenter bee hive.

Of course, it's not as powerful as a gas or outlet-powered pressure washer. But it's perfect for a quick outdoor living space refresh or car wash. Plus it's incredibly portable for the price, which is why I think its worth it for anyone, not just homeowners, to buy and keep on hand whether that's in your car or garage.

Dewalt Cordless Pressure Washer: was $129 now $116 @ Amazon

Dewalt Cordless Pressure Washer: was $129 now $116 @ Amazon
This battery-powered cleaner will blast grime, mildew, and dirt off virtually any surface. This model cuts the cord entirely so it's not only lightweight, but also able to maneuver around hard-to-reach areas. Yet its 20V battery still provides a powerful stream that can tackle the most caked on mud at its highest setting.

A lightweight and versatile cleaning tool

This 10-pound pressure washer measures in at two-feet long. That's long and thin enough to stick into the most challenging crevices while remaining easy to bring anywhere. I grew up wheeling a heavy compressor power washer around my parent's house during the summers, so this all-in-one wand feels like a godsend. 

Its battery is both its greatest strength and weakness. On one hand, it doesn't match a gas or electric-powered pressure washer—but it also frees up the washer itself. That lets me hit all four walls while standing on my tiny balcony. It's so compact I can use it from almost any angle, and it comes with 15, 25, and 40-degree nozzles to adjust aim. 

I can easily carry this up the stairs of my second-floor apartment and use a bucket of soapy water as a cleaning source. Stronger detergents like dishwashing soap help compensate for this cordless power washer’s lack of oomph. I find the Dawn Platinum blend to be an effective multi-purpose soap for washing decks, home siding, and mildew. 

Cleaning concrete with Dewalt cordless pressure washer

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Portable powerhouse

DeWalt claims its cordless pressure washer's stream is 10 times stronger than the power of a garden hose. However, its 550 PSI doesn't produce the massive kick that an average 3,500 PSI-powered pressure washer would. That hasn't stopped it from cutting through the buildup of pollen on the plastic eaves of my roof, grime on vinyl siding, and mud from my truck. 

Because it's not as powerful, I can hold it on surfaces for a bit longer without the fear of stripping them while still having enough power to dislodge the toughest of stains. Make no mistake — it still doesn't feel great getting hit by this washer at full blast.

The Dewalt's power really shined when it cut through a Carpenter bee hive like butter from over 10 feet away. This thing had become massive over two weeks away and I needed a quick way to dislodge it from my roof. I simply cranked the wand to max speed and used the stream to slice it loose and into some bushes below my balcony in under thirty seconds. While the bees weren't happy, it was a quick way to take my outdoor living space back without having to wait on an exterminator.

Cleaner cars and chairs

This powerful stream cleans a variety of surfaces including metal, vinyl, and wood. So beyond my apartment's vinyl I have deep-cleaned salt from my F150's 6-foot bed, rinsed dirt off wicker outdoor furniture, and cleaned off other tools. 

As an added bonus, I can clean after dark because the battery is much quieter than gas or electric models. However, because this pressure washer is powered by batteries, you only get about 20 minutes at maximum strength before its battery needs to be recharged. 

Truck cleaned with cordless pressure washer

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If you have a lot of cleaning to do, like the entirety of a your patio or large stretch of fencing, you'd be better served by a traditional pressure washer, which not only delivers more oomph (around 3000 PSI, compared to the DeWalt's 550), but also lets you use it for far longer.

But, if you have smaller tasks, or need a pressure washer to get to harder-to-reach spaces, the DeWalt cordless pressure washer makes deep cleaning easier and more accessible. The standalone wand packs a solid amount of power with everything you need built-in from adjustable nozzles to a detachable soap bottle so you're ready to go at the drop of a hat — provided you keep its battery topped off.

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