iPad Pro 2024 subjected to extreme durability test — and the result is surprising

The Apple iPad Pro 2024's OLED screen displaying small red balls.
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I’ve got no problem with folks making a living by smashing stuff apart on the internet. After all, who doesn’t enjoy watching an incredibly expensive piece of technology getting thrown off a roof, only to see it somehow still function after the plummet. Still, seeing the new iPad Pro 2024 being bent to the point of near-destruction sure is a painful sight for this fan of Apple tablets. 

The worst part of the video I’m about to share with you is the fact that this high-end tablet has finally been treated to an OLED screen. Considering I pretty much value OLED as much as I do oxygen, the following footage hurts real bad.

Spoiler alert: YouTubeJerryRigEverything” has amassed 8.65 million subscribers, because when it comes to breaking sh*t, no one does it better. The video below is obscenely upsetting to me, as the YouTuber goes on to scratch the hell out of the 13-inch iPad Pro 2024’s beautiful OLED display with a variety of screwdriver bits, before going to town on the new Magic Keyboard with a particularly lethal-looking box cutter knife. Anyway, brace yourself… 

Ouch. The only way I made it through those 11 minutes of sheer torture is partly because JerryRigEverything has a voice that’s so soothing, I could feel my eyelids starting to droop even when he begins to etch a cartoon lion into the iPad Pro’s lovely chassis around the seven minute mark. 

Here comes the bend test...

And then comes the bending bit. Double ouch. Though the iPad Pro withstands JerryRigEverything’s enthusiastic attempts to bend it horizontally, this dude clearly hasn’t been skipping arm day, because as soon as he starts bending the tablet vertically it damn near snaps in half when he applies vigorous pressure around the charging port.

Thankfully, the 13-inch Pro doesn’t physically break in two, but the screen instantly starts to crack, with the chassis in a contorted enough position you’d think it was about to enter a limbo competition. 

Oh, and to inject some extra misery into your eyes today, JerryRigEverything also snaps the $129 new Apple Pencil Pro… well, like a pencil, around three minutes in. 

At least the Pro’s gorgeous OLED screen proves to be impressively durable. At one point, the YouTuber takes a lighter to the tablet’s screen for a full minute, with the panel coming through the toasty encounter unscathed. 

The big takeaway from this eye-watering experiment? The new iPad Pro is a durable device, but c’mon, what do you expect to happen when a knife that looks like it could slice through steel enters the equation. 

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